Game On: A Bird Hunter's Table Reloaded is about a love of the land and our place in it - reveling in it, caring for it, and feeding from it.


The success of A Bird Hunter’s Table provided the inspiration and encouragement to create Game On, A Bird Hunter’s Table Reloaded.  Game On continues in the same tradition of friendship, a love of the land, dogs, and creating memorable meals.  Game On features a core of our favorite upland bird/waterfowl recipes found in A Bird Hunter’s Table, while offering a range of new recipes, including ones featuring big game and fish.  

Game On, A Bird Hunter's Table Reloaded is about a love of the land and our place in it—reveling in it, caring for it, and feeding from it. We have collectively worked in natural resources conservation field for more than 50 years. Stewardship is a concept that has been ingrained into our souls from an early age. This book is a story about caring for the land, its water, soil, wildlife, and the people who rely upon it. 

Game On tells the stories of our favorite or most meaningful hunts and bringing food to the table. Its photos give a glimpse of the wonderful landscapes we are fortunate to travel, as well as the dogs, the game, and the fellow travelers.  The essays connect the tradition of hunting and fishing with the history of land and natural resource conservation. This book is also a testament to all the people we have been fortunate to spend time with in the field, preparing the food, and sharing the resulting stories.

The tradition of hunting and angling is a strong part of this nation’s conservation ethos as made evident by the myriad of efforts of organizations like Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and Wild Sheep Foundation, among many others.  A portion of all book sales will be donated to wildlife conservation through the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

We hope the recipes, stories and essays in Game On will provide encouragement to get out in the land, enjoy it, and kick ass to conserve it. This is a book to read, view and enjoy – and hopefully you’ll try a few recipes.




Peruse this short preview for a sampling of what's included in the book.



"Game On reminds us to take care of our wildlife and natural resources, and to enjoy the bounty of what we have worked hard to conserve."

Whit Fosburgh  |  President and CEO, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership