Sarah and Whitney Tilt share a love of hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. We equally enjoy preparing game for the table and bringing people together to enjoy it. Both have been fortunate to have long careers in conservation and each have worked for some noted organizations including the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Trout Unlimited, National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, and Ecotrust.

Whitney currently serves as Director, Land & Wildlife Conservation for the Arthur Blank Family Foundation and the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch.  He has published several books including The Flora of the Yellowstone (2015) and is a partner in High Country Apps LLC, developing interactive field guides for smart phones and tablets.

Sarah is currently the Executive Director for the Jack Creek Preserve Foundation and the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation. She previously published A Bird Hunters Table in 2013.

When not working, Sarah and Whit hope to be found hiking, fishing, bird hunting, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors, along with some cooking and entertaining.  




We have been lucky to share incredible landscapes, memorable hunts and fishing excursions, stories, and preparing meals with so many wonderful people—all who helped provide inspiration and contributions to Game On.  The photography and essays included in the book create the beauty and bring everything together. For their incredible talents and generosity, our appreciation is boundless.  


Mark Lance
Denver Bryan
Charlotte Caldwell
Larry Hole
Kenton Rowe
Ray Ryan
David Stoecklein
Stacy Townsend



Ken Barrett
Fitz Coker
Whit Fosburgh
Carolyn Galloway
Shelley and Pat Gilligan
Jean Kahn
Will Lassiter
Ed and Laura Opler
Jamie Rawles
Oscar Santander
Mary Alice Scott
Chris Tilt
Sally Uhlman



Sophie May
Ken Barrett
Whit Fosburgh
Jeff Laszlo
Tom Reed


Beartooth Capital
David and Liz Richards
Ben and Penelope Pierce
PRO Outfitters